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How to build a Mindset Like Conor McGregor

For frequent followers of this blog, you will know that I’m a big combat sports fan and in particular a fan of the UFC.

The athlete that shines the brightest within this promotion and the sport overall , is none other than the Irish phenomenon – Conor McGregor.

Conor is the top athlete in the sport for a variety of reasons, but I believe his rise to the top is all down to his mindset and his way of thinking (his philosophy if you will).

Yes, he is a skilled combatant and has a hell of a left hook, but his belief in his abilities, his unshakable confidence in the face of all the pressures that lay in front of him is the key to his success.

I’ve never come across any human being in my life thus far, who demonstrates such an unbreakable frame of mind – he see’s it, he believes it and then he does it.

There is much to be learnt from Conor’s state of mind and his life so far should show that with control of the mind, anything is achievable.

The body will only follow, where the mind allows it

I’m writing this short post to emphasize the fact that many people spend a copious amount of time working on their physical health or improving skills and buying non-relevant materialistic goods to supposedly improve their well-being but they miss the most vital element that controls all – the mind.

So take a leaf out of Conor’s book and get in that state of zen, be comfortable in your own thoughts, have belief in your abilities and build a reinforced confidence that not even the famous Roman general’s of the past and all their armies could break down.

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