Forget Magic Formulas — Create “Your Edge”

I was strolling through my instagram feed earlier today and came across this gem of a post from Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock.

Hopefully you’ll agree, it’s a pretty powerful message and one of many that are littered across his insta feed. It’s one of those posts that constantly gets my competitive and creative juices flowing, it also got me thinking — what’s my edge? What’s the daily practice I protect that gives me my advantage?

I can answer this one quite simply as I’ve made some major re-designs in my life over the past 12 months — my edge is my daily morning routine, a routine I’ve guarded for over 12 months now and has yielded results beyond what I ever imagined. So what’s this magic routine you say? Fortunately no magic in practice here, just simple dedication to my core activities of a daily 20min meditative practice in which I can clear my head before the day begins and prepare the mind for the tasks ahead in addition to my full body mobility circuit where I loosen my body, along with ensuring I’m taking care of my ability to move freely. I generally wake up between 5:30–6am to complete this routine, but the focus it provides me with is the edge I feel that I have over those around me — the laser like dedication to this practice allows me to take on numerous challenges that I couldn’t have imagined tackling a little over 12 months ago.

So now to you reading this, what’s your edge? What do you consistently do that allows you to perform beyond those around you?. I’ll leave you to think over this and maybe Mr Johnson can give you some inspiration too.

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