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Conquer your inner bitch

I shouldn’t have worked out today, said no one ever

You know those days when you get home, you feel tired, it’s been a bit of a rough day and your couch along with that tub of Ben and Jerry’s looks ever so appealing – those are the days you need to be moving your ass and getting your workout done.

That little voice in your head which is telling you to take a day off, eat that tub of crap and slouch on the couch – that’s your inner bitch.

The critic in your head will tell you anything and everything to knock you off your tracks and that doesn’t just apply to your health goals, that voice is all over the place in many areas of life.

The thing is if you give in to it and do what it says then you don’t achieve, you won’t progress and you damn well won’t succeed.

Now if like me, you let this happen and the little bitch wins, this sucks for your mental and physical health. You’ve probably heard it all before but movement really is medicine.

Who in the history of civilisation has ever said after a workout “You know what dude, I shouldn’t have done that workout today” I’ll tell you, no one ever. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards and want to smash shit up like the Hulk.

My inner critic tells me daily “Hey man, I think we shouldn’t go and put in the work tonight, you’re tired, you’ll get sore and just think you could chill on the couch and relax” – now whenever this goes through my head, I immediately have a kettlebell flying to my hand like Thor’s hammer.

I’m throwing that thing around to beat the crap out of the inner bitch inside me. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I have succumbed and felt like crap, frustrated at my own laziness but when I push myself in that zone no matter how crap I felt before, I walk out like the fucking god of thunder.

I implore you to wrestle with that voice in your head, if you set yourself the task of working out, writing an article, cleaning your flat or whatever the hell it is – just show up and follow through.

I’m getting motivated just writing this and I can feel that Kettlebell swinging its way towards me right now to get the smack down my own voice.

I was inspired to write this by the man, the myth, the legend that is Joe Rogan. This guy is 50 years old and he is putting in the work daily with all the stuff he’s got to do, he coined the phrase “Conquer your inner bitch” and you can see how serious he takes it on his Instagram feed.

If you take anything from this story it’s this, don’t let that voice in your head win – yes life is tough and it can suck, we get stressed – out of our control shit happens but don’t accept that the voice in your head is right.

Challenge those thoughts, 99% of anything is showing up, inaction and procrastination will get you nowhere.

Now rejoice in your new found challenge and excuse me while I smash my kettlebell like Thor’s hammer through my own Ragnarok and conquer my inner bitch.

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