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Always have the challengers mindset

Even if your the king, prepare like the underdog


You’re top of the pile, you’ve taken on all comers and conquered your slice of life — you’re the King and being the King feels good. But what now you say? well now comes the hard work because getting to the top is the easy part, staying on top is what will define you.

We all have goals, we all aspire to do something or be something, but what happens when you get there? Yes, you set more goals and find new challenges and more importantly you defend the throne.

You see the reason why you became king is because you had a mindset and the attitude to get what you want, no one was going to stop you. In order to keep what you have and set your sights on bigger horizons you need to maintain that same focus and mindset.

History has taught us on several occasions what happens to those who get complacent once they reach the throne, those you stop doing the things that made them great and in many cases start buying into their own cool aid of being unstoppable. Take sport as an example, I’m a big combat sports fan – MMA, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing I love them all. One too many times I’ve seen an athlete grind their way to the top, keep their focus and achieve their status as number 1, only to months later lose everything as they started to take their foot of the pedal, they didn’t do the work they once did to remain king.

This is where maintaining a challengers mindset is so crucial and this accounts for all walks of life. Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, corporate gunslinger or the local pizza guy – maintaining a mindset for long term success is key. Just because you’re the king today and everyone loves you, that doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same – you’ve got to continue to work.

For you to keep being top of the pile, you must treat each challenge like you’re still the underdog. Just because you delivered an amazing piece of work last week and improved your business doesn’t mean you can sit back for the next few months, you’ve set your own standard now. To stay at the top, you need to always be the hardest worker in the room, regardless of what you’ve achieved, do you want to be the one hit wonder or build a legacy?

Legacy is really what it’s all about if you think of it. Everyone wants to make their mark and leave a legacy so they’ll be remembered through the tales of time.

You don’t build legacies by being king for a day, you build them with hard work and consistency.


What does this mean for you

Simple really, always be the hardest worker in the room.

I could write a dozen motivational quotes around this, but what’s the point? It so simplistic at its core – always maintain the challengers mindset and you’ll never lose that throne, because that throne is you.


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