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Why investing in your true fans will make you successful

What I’m going to give my take on in this post, is a popular theory first bought to the world by Kevin Kelly in his article “1000 True Fans” and recently updated in Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. I’ll be giving my thoughts on how keeping your true fans extremely happy will help build your audience and improve engagement to your content.

In my corporate role and various side projects, I’m continually faced with the challenges of engaging people to my content/products and finding ways to grow my audience. As countless marketers will know, this is never easy in our world’s high speed shifting landscape. This is where focusing on your super fans can provide us with some insight.


What are true fans?

It’s safe they say they aren’t your normal fans, they’ll be fanatical about your work and some of the first to consume what you’re creating. True fans live and breathe your creations, are constant consumers and a powerful marketing channel.

You might have thousands of followers, but not all of these will be super fans. Your super fans can are key in helping you reach other people who could be open to your work. You can also look at this from a 80/20 perspective — these fans are the 20% investment you make to gain 80% output.


How can this work for me?

It’s not rocket science really, it’s a core principle of making sure your super fans are kept extremely happy with your creations. You should (in my humble opinion) produce work for yourself first (as after all, you’re a consumer too) but you need to create products and/or content that makes their lives better. If they love it, they’ll tell their friends, friends friends, the postman and whoever they can.

These principles stay the same whether you’re applying this to internal corporate communications, like I would when engaging my audience to learning tools and resources or if you’re marketing your next Yoga class in the local town hall.

You want to leverage your super fan network into an army of influencers for your creations. If done correctly, you can use this group as a key communication tool to build your audience and get more people engaged with your work.


For you

Think about your super fans next time you share your latest creation, does it meet their needs? will it excite them and improve their lives today? is this something they would recommend to their friends?

The overarching message I want to leave you with is this — “Success need not be complicated, start with making 10 people extremely, extremely happy” (*adapted quote from Kevin Kelly interview with Tim Ferriss)


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