What you and Jon Snow have in common

And it’s not that we all know winter is coming.

No, what we all have in common with Jon Snow is the human trait of perseverance and the ability to endure many of life’s setbacks – we are survivors.

For any of you who’ve seen all seven seasons of game of thrones, you know that Mr Snow has had some tough times to say the least. But throughout all his setbacks (and he’s had some majors ones), the one thing he’s always done is find a way to rise to the occasion.

That is what we all have the capacity to do as humans, to take the hits, persevere and come back stronger. Life provides us with many obstacles and how we approach these will tell us a lot about who we really are.

Like Jon Snow, you can find that will to carry on, the ability to adapt to a situation and take on the numerous challenges that lay ahead. The basic reality of life is that we will all face challenges, sometimes they will suck, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, but ultimately facing them is the only way we can evolve.

FYI – this was originally published on my Medium profile here

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