Daily Thoughts

Awareness is a daily learning process

Self awareness, being in tune with the environment, mindfulness or whatever label you’d like to use is all about being aware of those around you.

How are the people around you feeling at that moment? How will your next words affect them? Are you taking into account what impact your actions will have on others mentally?

It’s a challenging practice and it’s never one that you can become an expert in over a matter of weeks, it’s really a practice for life. Everyday we have the opportunity to keep developing this skill of awareness and not focusing just on ourselves, which is very easy to do as we all believe we are the centre of our world and rarely consider those around us in the same way.

We are all connected in this world through this crazy thing called life and we are all facing our own battles and demons on a daily basis. So my ask of you is to continually practice and develop the skill of awareness, even in your darkest moments when you feel all is lost – take a look around, see the people around you and think about how they are feeling too.

You might just find, this is the one activity that brings a little light to your day.

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