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These 5 podcasts will expand your mind, challenge your thinking and maybe change your life

This is part 2 of my mini series, where I share the resources that I personally use to develop my mind, skills and toolkit for living life. This time I’m going to share the 5 podcasts I frequently consume and would recommend to everyone if they want to learn a thing or two.

You can check out part 1 of this series where I share the 5 books I recommend for everyone to learn, develop and grow to be a better person.


The Joe Rogan Experience

I know people say this all the time about stuff, yet this podcast honestly did change my life and probably saved me from a bunch of bad decisions too. Joe Rogan is not only a legend in my opinion but also a true multi-hyphenate in that he’s a comedian/commentator/podcast host/martial artist and more.

Joe’s podcast covers any and every topic you could imagine with a whole host of interesting guests ranging from teacher, philosopher, doctors, athletes, musicians and so many more. Each guest share their own personal story, insights and lessons that we can learn from amongst other topics and each episode is expertly delivered through Joe’s curiosity and real thirst for knowledge and conversation with people from all walks of life.

It’s a super popular podcast for good reason and has given me endless amounts of knowledge, guidance and just made me a better person – a must listen in my opinion.

Listen here


The Tim Ferriss Show

Author, entrepreneur, public speaker and writer of many self help books. Tim has a number of strings to his bow and through his popular podcast, he interviews the leading world class performers again from all walks of life.

From marketing gurus to surfers, Tim speaks to everyone that’s a leader in their field to dissect what makes them tick, how do they think, what drives them and what can we all learn from these leaders in their own fields and apply to our own lives.

My personal favourites from this podcast have been the episodes with Jamie Foxx and Seth Godin, but there is a catalogue of great stuff to be absorbed in these episode so don’t miss out.

Listen here


Under The Skin with Russell Brand

I find a lot of people have mixed views on Mr Brand and I can understand why, however I personally feel he’s been doing some great work in recent years.

Although still somewhat in its infancy compared to the other podcasts on this list, it’s just as important and useful for everyone. In every series Russell speaks with a number less known thinkers and innovators the world over to discuss love, live and everything in between. Ultimately his podcast is all around trying to help people be better than they were yesterday, be happy and find purpose in their life and think we can all get behind that.

Listen here


The Minimalists Podcast

Living meaningful lives with less is the message championed by duo Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn. You may have seen this duo in their popular documentary on Netflix or read some of their books and their podcast provides a perfect platform to explore the ideology of minimalism with others.

This podcast is all about honesty and trying to help people understand that we don’t need materialistic possessions to make us happy and the constant need to have more will never bring the joy we all want. What we get in this podcast are a bunch of great conversations with interesting people sharing life lessons and that what we really need is each other as the people around us, not the things we own are where we will find true happiness.

Listen here


10% Happier with Dan Harris

An offshoot of the book of the same name and a podcast very much focused on the inner-self mostly explored through the form of meditation.

Dan Harris is an interesting guy with an even more interesting back story, which you can read about in his book or through a quick google search. He first came to my attention through a friend who told me about a news host who had a panic attack live on American morning television and was now talking about how meditation changed his life.

As someone who is always intrigued and practises a variety of methods to work on myself, this podcast is a real insight into mental health across the world and how meditative practices are helping seemingly more people than ever.

If you’re a fellow meditator then this will be a must listen for you too.

Listen here


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