Daily Thoughts

Everyone has their own demons

Dealing with other people can be a tricky thing. Everyone has their own personality, reactions, likes, dislikes and ways of operating.

A great deal of this is influenced through how we see the world and the challenges we are constantly met with. One thing to remember, is that we all have our own demons and battles to fight everyday and a lot of this happens behind the closed doors of the mind.

Think about this the next time someone is not responding to you in the way you had hoped. You don’t know what battles that person is having to deal with on the inside and the way you react and the words you utter can have a profound affect in how they feel.

Sometimes it’s better to take the high road, use your awareness and try to recognise that the people you interact with all have their own battles going on and their behaviour although not ideal is not something to be met with more hate.

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