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Family is not bound by blood

Christmas and new year festivities are the ideal time for many of us to come together and celebrate, life, love and the year that has been.

Many will return to their homelands and spend time with family.

Family is an important thing for all of us, yet not all of us have been blessed with direct relatives that we wish to include in our lives and that’s ok. You see family is not bound by blood, just because you share the same blood and DNA, this doesn’t mean you must accept them.

Family is what you create, a family is a collective community who support, challenge and love each other through it all. Just because your blood relatives aren’t great, this doesn’t mean you cannot build your own family through your friends.

A family is a family regardless of where you’re from or who you are. We all create our little families across all areas of life, so make sure to choose the right people and spend time with those you truly want to.

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