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Life is about we

It’s very easy for all of us to think that we are the centre of the universe, it’s actually really hard not to think like this at times.

But we are all part of a wider community, despite what we might tell ourselves.

It will take time and experience, yet once who reach that point where you realise life is much more then the “me” show, it can get really good.

We are social creatures, people need people, countless studies have provided data which shows that those that are happy and healthy surround themselves with others.

You could lead a life where you focus on the “me” show, attain wealth, materialistic possessions and all that, but what experience and quality of life would this provide? a shallow and lonely one potentially.

But what if…….

You embrace a journey of we and not just me?

What if you loved others rather than the things you believe others might love you for?

Maybe, just maybe you would be surprised?

If we want a meaningful life, maybe this lies outside the realm of just “me” and it’s more about the “we”. The experiences we go through together, the good times, the bad times, the strange times and everything that comes our way.

It’s just a thought, but could it be that life is really all about we?

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