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It’s you…. the eternal obstacle

What are the greatest challenges one may face during their lifetime?

Of course many answers may come to mind, but one I find constantly referenced in great works of philosophy and one I find is a theme throughout most stories in the form of songs, books, films and more is focused on You.

Yes, you – the greatest battle and an eternal obstacle that prevents many of us from doing a number of things is ourselves.

Many wiser people than I have said life is what you make it. During my continual journey of studying the mind, a trait I’ve come across alot is that many of us aren’t stopped from doing what we want by external factors, we are generally stopped by ourselves from achieving what we want — it’s a case of you vs you.

You’re battling a familiar foe

Think about the occasions when you’ve wanted to do something or you’ve set a series of goals that you would like to achieve by a certain time. It feels good to do this and you look to put a plan of action in place to reach these goals, but then you hear this little voice in your head, whispering sweet negative vibes to you about how you can’t or you shouldn’t or people like us aren’t allowed.

This is an all but too common process for many people, but you have a choice, you have a choice to whether you give this voice a platform to spew its negative vibes or drown it out with the belief that you can accomplish your goals.

At the end of the day, the only person that’s usually standing in the way of us and our goals, is the person that looks back at you in the mirror everyday.

It can be hard to face these facts sometimes, but know that if you can harness your own self belief, you can conquer many obstacles.

Something very important to note here aswell, is that it’s ok to fail.

Millions of us are failing again and again and again, but it’s about developing our self belief to get back up and keep going. Make peace with who you are as ultimately this life, your life, is about you — so what will the chapters of your life say?

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