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Pay your dues

Before we run off to go do all the fun stuff and the things that we really want to do with our time, we have to pay our dues to make this happen.

How many of us put off important day to day duties like important pieces of work, exercising and simple things like tidying our homes? We often run from these duties as often as possible to pursue the fun stuff, yet we haven’t earned the right and we can never fully enjoy it as we know what awaits when the high of the event disappears.

Whatever it is that you have to do, get it done.

Start as you mean to go. To enjoy everything that we really want to do, first we must do what must be done and ‘pay our dues’.

Your day, week or month will feel a lot better if you make the time to actually get it done. You might even be surprised at how your sense of mood and ability to do more increases once you get the ball rolling.

All work and no play can be bad for your health, yet all play and no work can be just as devastating.

If this short thought wasn’t enough to make you think about getting the tough stuff done so you can enjoy everything else, then let Mr Dwayne Johnson share some of his own personal insights to educate you on this.

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