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The cost of kindness

There isn’t one, it’s free.

So why not be good to your fellow human, wave at people, say hello – be a kind person.

It cost us nothing to be kind to another human and it even might make you feel a little bit happier too. When you see someone who looks down, then fire them a smile or when someone looks like today is not their day, then a simple hey, how are you? can go a long way.

You can change someones world in a moment with an act of kindness, an act at no cost to any of us but it’s rewards can be limitless.

You can feel good, make others feel good and put some more good out into this world, because we honestly need more of it. You’d be surprised at how kind many people are, can be and will be when you make a little effort.

Remember the cost of kindness is always free, so why don’t we use it a little more?

Here’s my act of kindness to let you know:

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