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Focus on the next 5 minutes…

Here’s a quick strategy I use to stop procrastination when it comes to getting big stuff done.

I know a lot of us look at a big projects or any piece of work that has a large time investment a little bit like this.

Why number one, why!

When you want to do something but you know it could take hours, weeks, months or even years. Our lovely operating system (aka the brain) likes to focus its energy on all the time and effort we need to invest. Basically procrastination kicks in leading us to using more time focusing on what we’ll have to do instead of actually doing it.

Let me share a strategy that has helped me fight off the procrastination demons to focus on getting stuff done.

Just focus on the next 5 minutes…

It’s as simple as that. Instead of staring into blank space and thinking about all that time you’ll be investing, just focus on the next 5 minutes.

Focus on the small windows of time, build bit by bit instead of looking to the huge time investment needed. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your destination.

Its part embracing the now and looking to all that we know, which is the next 5 minutes.

So, let’s try to focus less on the it’s going to take me this long to do all this stuff and just focus on what you need to do in the next 5 minutes.

This allows more of us to move away from this state:

And chase away the procrastination monster by focusing on the next 5 minutes. You might even just feel a little bit more like this:

No rocket science here.

Take a breath, break it down and focus on the next 5 minutes.

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