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What you loved this year (2019 edition)

Here’s the top rated content from the blog as chosen by you – the visitors to my little innovation lab.

The posts are ranked by most visits from the last 12 months. So, if one of your favourites is not here, don’t fret as this might have been released later this year and thus not had the same amount of time to collect the amount of visits some on this list achieved.

You can always let me know what your favourites from the past 12 months were in the comments below. In addition, you can also find a collection of the most important thoughts I wrote in my opinion in 2019 and the top 21 thoughts from 2019 to make you a better human in 2020 on the blog now too.

Here’s your top 10 of 2019

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Life lessons from a superhero TV show

Why L&D is your secret weapon for success

You are not defined by your parents blueprint

Building your learning brand

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