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7 Must Read Resources for All Learning Professionals

Welcome to the world of L&D.

This short thought is for those who are new to the learning and development industry or maybe even those you’ve just taken their first team lead role.

Here I share just a selection of the great resources that are available to set you up for success and widen your thinking on the enormity of the possible.

Learning innovation in the digital age | McKinsey & Company

What you’ll learn: The digital disruption has landed but we are still acting like it’s 1995. McKinsey explore how we can experiment and innovate in a somewhat stuck in the past learning profession.

The role of L&D in today’s world | Steal These Thoughts!

What you’ll learn: Amongst the technology revolution and the rise of Google to answer just about anything, where does L&D find itself in today’s modern workplace? Here we explore the impact L&D can have in the workplace and it takes place far beyond the classroom.

Training on a Budget: Creative and Cost-Effective L&D Solutions | Caroline Ford

What you’ll learn: This article should be in any and every new L&D starters toolkit. So much can be learnt from this one and Caroline helps anyone reading this really get off on the right foot into this world. An essential read in my opinion.

These are the skills L&D teams need in today’s world | Steal These Thoughts!

What you’ll learn: Another one from my learning lab, where I focus on the skills a modern L&D professional needs to succeed in today’s world. Think of it as your own skills blueprint and identify your areas of development.

How the workforce learns: In and beyond the flow of work | Degreed

What you’ll learn: With lots of stats, facts and data from their extensive research. The team at Degreed provide a comprehensive overview of the state of workplace learning today. Treat this as your tour guide manual to the world you now find yourself a part of.

Recognise learning as an everyday behaviour | Steal These Thoughts!

What you’ll learn: The last addition from my little think tank. In this one, I highlight the importance of learning as an everyday behaviour and not a task that one needs permission or to be told to do by anyone.

Digital L&D series | David James + Looop

What you’ll learn: A fantastic series of 4 articles all focused on digital L&D from Looop’s Chief Learning Officer David James. If you’re building a learning strategy that you want to deliver real impact with then this series will be of great help to you.

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