Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Insights from your head

Check out the latest edition of my newsletter.

This week I delve into a couple of thought provoking topics from the world of learning and human development.

First up, I share my own opinion on why we need to recognise and spend more time with our own operating system (and if you think I’m talking about a digital version, then you 100% need to read this!).

Next, an article from the team at Harvard Business Review on a better way to retain and develop top talent. A must read if you’re looking at ways to increase employee retention and create a better talent model.

Last but most certainly not least, a short but oh so informative article from the good folks at Degreed on empowering managers to be learning leaders. This is an interesting look at upskilling your leaders with the know-how to share the right learning solutions with their team.

That’s it for this week. Please do share your thoughts with me on these pieces or anything I share on the Twitterverse and LinkedIn. Chat to you soon!

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