Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: What if it was simple?

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This week I explore stripping back the layers and asking, what would this look like if it was simple.

First up, I share my own thoughts on the simplicity of learning and why we could be sabotaging our people’s development.

Why did I write this: Because we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. I see this first hand in my work in the world of learning. Workplaces like to throw out buzzwords, methodologies and follow new trends that often confuse people instead of help them. In reality, the act of learning and acquiring new skills is far simpler.

Next, an article from the team at Harvard Business Review on why the lack of learning opportunities is the quickest way to lose your best employee.

Last but most certainly not least, a short thought on simplifying your workflow. I share an example of my own philosophy where I use a bespoke approach to Kanban to simplify my work and a way to easily communicate this with others.

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