Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Leading in life and business

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This week I have a diverse bag of content to share with you.

First up, I share the latest entry in my ongoing leadership lessons series. This time I focus on what we can learn from leading sports coach Jurgen Klopp on leading in life and business.

You can check out previous entries in the series here. 👈

Next, an article from the team at McKinsey & Co on how effective goal setting motivates employees. A short read with a useful 3 point structure to think about.

Last but most certainly not least, a short reflection I find myself circling back to often, where I ask, is it normality that we really fear?

Why did I write this: Because the feeling of ‘normal’ is absent for so many of us in the constant pursuit of focusing on the next thing to worry about, that I believe it’s not the feeling of worry we dread anymore. We all chase normality, but is that really what we want?

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