Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Learning in the new world

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This week I explore the skills L&D teams need in today’s world. Plus, the revelations that our choices show us and how we can adapt workplace learning in this new normal.

First up, an update for 2020 to one of my most popular insights of all time. Here, I explore the skills L&D teams need in today’s world. Now more than ever, it seems we need to invest even more into our skills for the continual pursuit of staying future fit.

Next, a spotlight on the revelation of choices.

Why did I write this: Because no choice is a random choice. This is a semi-deep thought and one that reveals a common thread through the choices we’ve made and the person we really are.

Last but most certainly not least, a insightful article from the folks at McKinsey & Co on adapting workplace learning in the new norm of remote working.

I know the digital highway is ablaze with content on remote working right now and much of it, I have ignored. But, this piece was the first in my opinion to share key data and some actions you can take to adapt your learning delivery in a smarter way.

That’s it for this week. Please do share your thoughts with me on these pieces or anything I share on the Twitterverse and LinkedIn. Chat to you soon and stay safe out there people!

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