Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Re-engaging with a new world

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This week, we explore what happens when we go back to the workplace. Plus, stories on how to get stuff done, the new normal and a freebie for you.

First up, I share some thoughts on employee reboarding post COVID-19.

For those not in the know, reboarding is the process of re-introducing people back to the workplace after the disrupted environment caused by COVID-19. We’ve all had unique experiences of this strange time individually and collectively. Here, I look over 5 key components of a reboarding programmme for all workplaces and the essential role that HR, managers and leaders play with this.

Getting the reboarding process right is going to be key in businesses getting back to a productive way of life.

Next, I’m dropping more knowledge on how to get shit done to focus and prioritise your time

For some reason, I’m often asked for content on time management and prioritisation. I can most certainly say that I’m no authority in this area. Just like many of us, I can be a die-hard procrastinator at times. So, I decided to curate a bunch of tools and tactics from far smarter people than I and provide my own tips which have served me well over the years.

Why did I write this: Because finding focus and prioritising your life is difficult even in the most normal of times. My hope is that this piece will serve as a friend to help you get shit done.

Last but most certainly not least, a short thought from Wired and Capita on how COVID-19 will change work, education and travel forever. A 2 minute read that shows how we can make the world better from lessons learnt in a difficult time.

This article has been getting me thinking about re-skilling and skill development in the new now. More to come on that on the blog shortly.

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