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Free resources for you to build and evolve your skills during COVID19

No matter how the COVID19 event has affected you, I hope this list of free learning resources will help you evolve existing skills, build new ones and help you in your future career development.

🔧 The Skills Toolkit provided free by the UK Government.

🏫 edX: Lots of free courses and resources from Harvard, MIT and leading companies across the world.

💻 Coursera: Another platform with content from leading universities and companies worldwide including Google, IBM and Imperial College London. They offer lots of free and paid for material.

👨‍💻 Microsoft Learn: Upgrade your tech skills for free with this offering from Microsoft.

🤓 Microsoft Training Academy: Learn how to use anything and everything that Microsoft provides. With everything from building sexy presentations in PowerPoint to kicking ass with pivot tables in Excel. You’ll find something for everyone here.

🛠️ Google Digital Garage: Acquire new skills for the digital world. Plenty of great free resources and online courses for those interested in data, technology, marketing and career development.

👩‍🏫 OpenClassroom: Lots of options to learn from subject matter experts in these guided digital learning environments.

Alongside books, blogs and YouTube, you might find some of these useful.

Please do share you own curated resources in the comments below.

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