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This week, we explore how to make the most of workplace technology. Plus, stories on saving your body from being broken by your working from home life and what offices will look like post COVID-19.

First up, I share the second part in my making the most of workplace tech series. This time I explore Slack and how you can make this an extended part of your team.

Many people use collaboration tools like Slack for simple tasks such as direct messaging. But, it can do so much more. Here, I unpack how you can use Slack to engage your community, support the employee on-boarding experience and configure Slack Bot to become an extended part of your team.

Make sure to check out part one of this series which focuses on Microsoft Teams too.

Next, I’m dropping more knowledge on how to stop your working from home life breaking your body.

I see a lot of posts about looking after one’s mental wellbeing in these strange times which is great. However, I don’t see a lot of people talking about how to look after your body whilst working from home. I’ve had a number of injuries in my lifetime which have been hampered by poor posture and incorrect desk setups, so I have some know-how in this area.

I’ve used this knowledge to put together a 3 minute read on movements you can do and ideas to keep your body healthy while hunching over a desk, coffee table or even an ironing board! complete with videos and gifs to show you exactly what to do.

⚠️ Full disclosure: I’m not a doctor and not playing one on the the internet. These are just tips from my own experiences and are in no way any form of medical advice. 👍

Last but most certainly not least, a short thought from The Washington Post on what the post COVID-19 workplace will look like and how office spaces will be reimagined.  A five minute read on why body temperature scans, contact tracing apps and safe zones might be our new normal.

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