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This week, we explore how to adapt, evolve and thrive in a flowing world. Plus, stories on returning to the workplace, robot overlords enforcing social distancing and the most valuable currency we all have.

First up, a piece I wrote a few years ago but continues to have relevance and even more so in these strange times.

Through unpacking the work of popular artist Drake, I explore how an approach of listening, adapting and evolving for your era is the essential ingredient to maintain relevance in your career and for any team.

Next, it’s finally happened. After much thought and waiting, I’ve taken the plunge to drop into the world of podcasting.

Episode #1 is out now and I dive further into the topic of employee reboarding post COVID19. I share my thoughts on why a reboarding plan is essential, what workplaces can do to build a strong plan and why we need to be more human in our approach.

New episodes will land fortnightly on Fridays. These will be a mixture of solo thought sessions with me and I have an exciting lineup of guests dropping by every so often to chat about navigating the human experience in the first season.

You can find the Steal These Thoughts! audio experience on SpotifyAnchorYouTube and all popular podcasting platforms now. (Grab the RSS feed if you need it)

Last but most certainly not least, in reflecting on the shaping of a more compassionate world. I’ve often revisited this thought on why the effect we have on others is the most valuable currency we all have.

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