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This week, we explore navigating the various conversations with our monkey mind. Plus, content on what it means to “make it”, books for better humans and an alternative method from Tim Ferriss on achieving your goals.

First up, recognising the most important operating system we will ever possess is not digital.

This is a short thought on stillness, escapism and navigating your own programming. I’m not sure about everyone else but I’ve found myself quickly transfixed by the digital operating systems on offer and spending less time with the one that matters most in these strange times.

Next9 books that I feel will make anyone a better human.

I like to read, like a lot! I can often be found with too many books on the go at one time. This list has been curated through books that I have test driven personally either through my own discovery or recommendations from others.

I hope that these are of value to you too. Of course, this is an evolving list and you’ll find many more entries across the blog from years gone by and those to come.

Last but most certainly not least, a continued chain of conversation I’ve been having with a lot of people recently is on the subject of “making it” and more specifically, what does it mean to make it? when do we know we’ve made it? is it a final destination or fleeting moments?

As you can tell, these conversations have gone deep. Through a personal account of my own recent-ish experience, I share my thoughts on the mystery of “making it”.

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