Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: The great debate of skill vs will

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This week, we explore the talent conundrum of skill vs will as a marker of future potential. Plus, the latest episode of the Steal These Thoughts! audio experience and understanding if you are a mythical fairytale creature in your own industry.

First up, a short thought come stoic brain dump on the great debate of skill vs will.

In a workplace setting, decisions on acquiring new talent are always difficult. Many look at the current skills that a potential candidate can offer now rather than looking at their attitude and mindset to acquire more. The ignorance of understanding one’s will to learn new stuff vs the stuff they know now has been a downfall of many hiring decisions across many industries no doubt.

Much like in our personal lives, the ability of the human mind is often underrated. Skill is not always the most needed ingredient to succeed in life it is rather the will.

Next, it’s that time again my friends, the latest episode of the podcast has arrived. 

In this one, I explore tools and tactics that we can all use to keep mentally healthy in the ever evolving strange times we find ourselves in. I’m biased but I feel like there is something for everyone in this episode and I hope you find it of value too.

Make sure to check out the companion blog post to this too.

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Last but most certainly not least, an exploration into the people whose workplace roles require them to wear many hats and have many talents. On the surface you might read the title of this piece and think I’ve lost my mind but stay with me.

This thought was inspired by a user experience course I was part of and it got me thinking, are you the learning unicorn in your company?

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