Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: What if ego wasn’t the enemy?

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This week, we explore alternative thinking on why ego is not always the enemy. Plus, a listicle of free tools to build your own side project and a roundup of curated content including reflections from Bruce Lee in his personal letters on being a better human.

First up, a short thought on why ego is not always the enemy and sometimes embracing the darkness is a necessity.

Contrary to popular belief in our society, I am not of the thought that ego is the enemy. Yes, ego can be a destructive element if it is allowed to be out of control and run riot. Yet, the energy that a competitive ego provides can be channeled into more positive tasks.

Here, I do my best to unpack why we should all make friends with our ego and not try to kill it. You never know, you might need it one day.

Next, in the continued evolution of my own side project, I’ve recently updated my free tools to build and market your own side project article which now features 22 entries.

I created this evolving list to help any creative who wants to start their own side project/hustle or to use in their 9-5 career. You’ll find lots of stuff that’s helped me build STT and tools you can use it do lots of useful things too.

Last but most certainly not least, a little bit of advice to deal with the procrastination demons and overwhelm. This simple strategy has helped me fight off the procrastination demons to focus on getting stuff done and it might help you too.

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