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Follow the white rabbit

Believe in the enormity of the possible

How far will you go down the rabbit hole to discover your potential?

Potential is a funny old thing right? No one really knows how much they have as many of us dare not take the plunge to find out. Most avoid the exploration for fear of failure and others just don’t care.

Yet, for those who dare take the journey, they have the opportunity to understand just how far they can go. Whether you’re right or wrong, it matters not, as you were willing to jump off the fence and actually do something. The act of doing is where 99% of us fail.

You cannot see if you don’t know.

In the popular cyberpunk film, the Matrix. The central character Neo is told to “follow the white rabbit” which turns out to be a choice in which he can either stay in this moment as he is or take the plunge and see just how far down the rabbit hole goes, eventually leading him to understand his potential.

You can relate this to your own life with career opportunities, personal relationships or a simple thing such as learning a new sport. If you don’t take the step or as I’ve put it, follow the white rabbit, then you rob yourself of knowing the enormity of the possible.

It’s important not to limit your opportunities and potential due to the perceived value you put on others opinions.

When opportunities arise, and arise they shall, take the plunge, follow the white rabbit and see just how far down that rabbit hole goes.

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