Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Learning from strange times

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This week, we explore how the world of people development will evolve post-pandemic. Plus, a high performing sports coaches leadership playbook, random thoughts, notes and quotes from lockdown and more.

First up, a reflective piece from me on how I feel the world of people development will evolve post-pandemic.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers but from all the movement I’m seeing in the learning and education industry so far, an opportunity to build a better model is upon us. This piece is a collection of changes I’m already seeing in the industry and my own recommendations on how we can evolve workplace learning in this remote first digital world.

Next, a little insight into the behaviours that have made German sports coach Jurgen Klopp a popular and effective leader.

I’m not actually a fan of football. However, Jurgen is always a character that has interested me and especially his approach to leadership. I unpack the 5 key components of his leadership style in this one. If you’re a Liverpool fan, you will of course love this even more due to recent success.

Last but most certainly not least, a collection of some of my short journal entries of thoughts, notes and quotes from 100 days in lockdown. I’m sure many will make you laugh and perhaps reassure you that you’re not the only mad one in this world.

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