Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Where is your mind

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This week, we explore the deep, perhaps unknown corners of our mind and get all reflective on who we are, what we do and why we do it all. Plus, a roundup of interesting curated content and more knowledge bombs.

First up, a short thought on the prisons we sometimes build for ourselves in the stories that we invest in through our inner voice.

Like many of us, I’ve had my own trouble with demons of the mind, which is why I’m so fascinated in exploring human behaviour and sharing these insights for others to hopefully benefit from.

A trend I always note, is our ability to create mental prisons through the stories that we tell ourselves and cannot let go of (or what I like to call our own personal matrix). Here, I explore this thought in this 2 minute read which might just benefit you too.

Next, a deep thought in a 5 minute read where I explore the revelations of the choices we make throughout our journey and what they tell us about our authentic selves.

Last but most certainly not least, another deep thought focused on investing in the original and our most important operating system that we will ever have access to.

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