Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Notes on the self continued

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This week, we continue the exploration of the self through stories during COVID, problem solving and reflecting on our aims in life. Plus, I share my usual round-up of curated content from our lovely planet.

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First up, the latest episode of the Steal These Thoughts audio experience aka my podcast has landed. 

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In this episode, I’m joined by exchange student Tasha Stevenson who has spent the last year studying abroad in South Korea and has been navigating the outbreak and impact of COVID-19 whilst studying away from home.

This is part of my ad-hoc series on COVID stories where I explore how the pandemic has affected different elements of life and share stories from people across all walks of life.

We talk about:

  • How the outbreak of COVID-19 impacted her time studying in South Korea.
  • The experience of a pandemic whilst studying abroad and being away from home and how this event impacted all of her fellow exchange students too.
  • Why she chose not to return to the UK and complete her studies in South Korea.
  • How her university education had to be adapted to suit the new environment.

Next, some deep advice from a legendary rockstar on why it doesn’t pay to be popular.

Last but most certainly not least, a short thought on why the problem is not the problem.

In the spirit of all things on the self, mindset and behaviours are an instrumental part of how we live. The philosophy I share in this thought came from the most unlikely of places. Yet, it provides a valuable teaching moment, that might just change how you think about the challenges of life.

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