Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Getting better at saying the tough stuff

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Hey folks 👋 this week, I’m delving into what I feel is one of the most essential life skills to master – sharing feedback with other humans whilst not sounding like an inconsiderate asshole.

Some people think sharing feedback, whether good or bad, is confined to the world of work. Yet, that is most certainly not the case. We share feedback with people in all areas of our lives. The obvious stuff in the workplace but with our partner, our children and friends too.

Saying difficult stuff to the people we not only work with but deeply care and love is an everyday human skill. So, it makes sense to get better at it, right?


💭 10 feedback tips that will improve your life and career

🤔 The #1 golden rule with sharing any feedback

💡 New content on making the most of Slack in my ongoing video tutorials.

Also, not forgetting the usual dose of weird, wonderful and what I hope is helpful content from the rest of planet earth in my curated roundup.

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