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Ask me anything

Hey folks 👋 hope you’re having a lovely Sunday wherever you are on our little planet.

About a year ago now, I launched my own little podcast to sit alongside my flowing thoughts from the STT blog.

Truth be told, it was a rather spur of the moment action as the pandemic had just exploded in early 2020 and I found myself with not much to do. A year later, I still find myself invading the ear drums of many of you on a semi regular occurrence (yes I am aware after reading that back how weird it sounds…).

I honestly didn’t expect to go beyond a few episodes but the reception and encouragement from lots of you has given me the energy to keep doing it, and for that I am extremely thankful to you all.

So, as a way of giving back. I’m going to host a special episode where you can submit any questions for me to answer. They can be anything about, well, anything.

No matter if it’s about learning, life or how I keep my hair so luscious – I want to know what you want to know! (FYI – responses are anonymous).

Why not spend a few mins over a nice warm cup of whatever you like ☕ and drop any of your burning questions into this super simple form ⬇️

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