Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: How to ask better questions as a Performance Engineer

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Hey folks 👋 this week we’re going to explore how to ask better questions as a performance engineer in the discovery phase with your clients and/or stakeholders.

A structured and clear discovery phase to define where the performance barriers exist are a key component of what a performance engineer (what I call L&D peeps) needs to do to get to the root cause of problems and diagnose the best solution, or understand if one is even needed at all.

Here I pull back the curtain and share some of my own approach to performance consulting, and how I work with leading organisations to discover barriers and define performance outcomes.


💭 The oversimplification of workplace L&D.

🤔 Building a performance consulting approach.

💡 Questions to ask in a discovery conversation.

Also, not forgetting the usual dose of weird, wonderful and what I hope is helpful content from the rest of planet earth in my curated roundup.

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