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Gifts for the curious mind

Ok, let’s look at giving the gift of knowledge to the already curious minded and inspire others to take control of their own path with these gift ideas.

The Daily Stoic:366 thoughts on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

So, spoiler alert! I’m a fan of this book. I’ve always been fascinated by stoic philosophy and I find these words not only keep me grounded in the good and bad times, but also inspire me when a need a jolt of creativity in my work. Find it here ⬅️.

Canva Pro Subscription: Unleash your inner creative!

Who in the world of education and learning doesn’t love a bit of creativity? Canva has been a mainstay of not only my daily work practice but has been essential in the building of the Steal These Thoughts! brand too. Why not gift someone a years worth creativity with a Canva Pro membership, find it here ⬅️.

Radical Candor: Give kickass feedback to help your fellow human

Feedback is an essential skill not only for the workplace but everyday life too. 

In some form, we’re always giving and receiving feedback, yet many of us suck at it. For me, continuously improving our ability to give clear, concise and valuable feedback is a real game changer in navigating everyday life. It is not a skill we will fully master but it’s something we can get better at everyday to help each of us and those around us too.

Ex-Apple and Googler, Kim Scott, provides a compelling framework in this book Find it here ⬅️.

Harvard Business Review Subscription: Spark those creative thoughts

Probably one of the top 5 investments I make yearly for my own development is that of access to the thoughts, ideas and insights from HBR.

I find a great deal of enjoyment in reading opinions and points of views from fellow humans. I like to keep my finger on the pulse when time allows and HBR content has been a mainstay of inspiration and education in my own work and life.

It’s a £100 investment for 12 months but well worth it IMO, find it here ⬅️.

Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: Free thoughts and ideas to scale the mind

Oh come on! I had to try, right!? Plus, this is a free gift 😉.

Look, I assume since you’re reading my words that you like them on some level. So, why not share this knowledge with others to support them on their own journey and in a separate way, give me the gift of building my community of readers. Share this link with your friends ⬅️.

Tools of Titans: Tactics, strategies and tools from high performing humans

This book does pretty much what it says on the tin. From tech billionaires to doctors to gymnasts, this a collection of knowledge from hundreds of our planets high performing humans from fields you might know and I’m sure many you will not. Find it here ⬅️.

The Algebra of Happiness: The pursuit of love, success and what it all means

I stumbled across the work of Professor Scott Galloway through a recommendation from a work colleague. 

Prof G (as he goes by) may not be everyone’s cup of tea but as someone who is getting closer to their 40’s than their 20’s, this particular book spoke to me about the reality of this crazy life we live.

And in particular, why we need to take away the BS filter that education and society often puts in front of us about the reality of living. Find the text here ⬅️.

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