Steal These Thoughts! Newsletter: The death of workplace learning

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Hey folks 👋, this week, I want to explore a topic that keeps coming up in conversations recently. And that is the relevance of learning functions in todays modern workplace.

It seems that some organisations have gone so far down the self-led development black hole, that they no longer feel their workforces need any structure or intentional led learning moments crafted by a group of capability focused folks.

To quote what was said to me in one conversation “Why do we need all this when people are using Google and YouTube most of the time?”Perhaps they had a point.

I’ve spoken on the topic of where I see the place of L&D functions in the modern workplace before. So, over the last few days, I decided to revisit my old thoughts and layer them with some new ones.

Below is the result of that deep thinking and I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic too.


💭 Deep thoughts on role and value of education in modern organisations.

🤔 Understanding the ‘Why’ for our teams in the company architecture.

💡 Never forget the power of intentional learning.

Also, not forgetting the usual dose of weird, wonderful and what I hope is helpful content from the rest of planet earth in my curated roundup.

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