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Hey folks 👋, this week, I want to explore a big thought on how instrumental our learning functions can be across the full employee experience and enable bigger company growth.

In my opinion (and I’m biased because I’m an L&D practitioner too), most L&D teams don’t clearly see the value they bring to an organisation and nor do leadership teams understand how great a superpower learning is for their long term growth.

The growth of any organisation depends on the talent they can attract and the skills that exist to enable them to build great products and services to make money.

Without continuous learning and skill-building, orgs cannot achieve these things.

This thought is so big that I’ve included the first part below and you can read the rest on the blog via the lovely button below.

You’re welcome for not having to doom scroll in this one!


💭 Why L&D is the superpower for organisational growth.

🤔 How L&D influences and contributes to the end to end employee experience.

💡 Want to be a T-Shaped Learning Professional?

Also, not forgetting the usual dose of weird, wonderful and what I hope is helpful content from the rest of planet earth in my curated roundup.

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