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Hey folks 👋 this week, we’re going to explore the stupidity of fighting over what to call a process and instead focus on the benefits for humans in doing something about their growth.

This thought was partly inspired by a doom scrolling session where I encountered people bickering over what I felt was a stupid thing in what the process of one discarding what is not useful to them anymore is called.

Usually, I don’t make comments on these things, but I find more recently that people in my field of education are too busy bickering about what to call things and little on how approaches, models and thoughts can actually help people improve.

So, perhaps this is a semi-rant/semi-awakening to focus on the positive and not the pointless.


💭 Focusing on the positive, not the pointless.

🤔 The pyramid of learning myths.

💡 What can L&D learn from the startup world?

Also, not forgetting the usual dose of weird, wonderful and what I hope is helpful content from the rest of planet earth in my curated roundup.

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