How to easily film and edit videos with your phone

Here’s the everyday person’s guide to filming and editing videos in (what I think is) a super simple way. Most, if not all these apps can be accessed for free by anyone and the learning curve is pretty quick.

I’m going to cover everything you need to get started and some filming best practice. You can explore the videos below on YouTube for live demos of all the editing parts. And no, these aren’t super detailed and long videos. They are short, snappy and give you the key info you need.

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The mystery of “making it”

“This is it, this is the life, I’ve made it… haven’t I?” are the words I said to myself whilst sitting in the first class lounge of Dubai’s airport deciding which smoothie I wanted from the delicious looking buffet. I was half way through a trip to India. Another business trip for my employer at the time to launch an innovative project that I was immensely proud of.

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How to re-skill for the new world

I’ve tried my best to avoid writing about COVID19 related topics and avoid most news related to the topic right now but I always find myself drawn back in somehow. So, here I am again, writing about a COVID19 related topic. However, I jump back in for what I hope is a good reason in exploring how those that have lost their jobs, currently furloughed or at risk of losing their job due to this strange time can look to re-skill to take on a new opportunity.

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