The only way out is through

I find many times in life, especially in the variety of challenges and curveballs that are thrown our way – that the only way to get out of our problems and challenges is through them.

Facing your problems and challenges, instead of running from them is normally the only way to overcome them and grow.

Take if from someone who deals with a fair share of their own demons daily. Running and hiding from challenges and problems only makes it worse, yet finding the courage to say screw it and face what’s in front of you head on, will change your outlook on what you can do.

Next time life throws something your way, just remind yourself – the only way out is through.

Why are you so angry?

Well think about it, why are you feeling this way? Will this feeling help you or actually bring you more harm.

Toxic tribalism is rife in our society today, it seems like everyone wants to be in a group and produce team v team mentalities, trying to impose their thoughts and opinions as the only way onto you.

It’s frustrating, I get it, yet you can prepare for these experiences. Tell yourself daily that you will meet people who are untoward, unkind and will basically piss you off with their behaviour. However, you have the power, the reasoned choice to decide how this affects you and what you’ll allow these experiences to make you feel.