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This week I look at what I can share with you from lessons learnt in 2018, Josh Bersins 3 things for learning in 2019 and what Apple can teach us about building a world class learning ecosystem.

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Daily Thoughts

Start with why

Why am I doing this? why are we choosing this course of action? Why has this happened?

For me ‘why’ is one of the most powerful words you can use. In whatever you do, whether it’s in a professional or personal scenario, we should always ask ourselves – Why am I doing this? why is this project or programme important for our business?

Understanding the ‘why’ is the biggest part of anything we embark on. The how and what are important too, yet without understanding – why are we/I doing this, we cannot fully buy-in to what we are trying to change and achieve.

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Deep Thoughts

How to tell stories with data

Data is a beautiful opportunity for you to show performance and progress, but is the way you’re presenting data leaving your audience confused and impacting your message?

Deep Thoughts

What not to do in developing culture and behaviour change

The cardinal sins of culture and behaviour change projects

Developing a change in culture is difficult in any field, you’ve no doubt read articles on how to make a successful shift and how you can support a cultural change and nurture it for years to come.

This article isn’t one of those, this article is about the exact opposite, about what not to do if you want to really change a culture and the mindset of your people when it comes to learning. To help me in this piece and to explore the insights to not screwing this up, I’ll be using the popular film character of John Wick and various analogies to demonstrate my points.

Deep Thoughts

5 lessons I’ve learnt in the world of L&D

I’ve been very lucky to be part of not only digital revolutions for learning, but also supporting in shaping new learning cultures in large and complex environments. It’s been beautiful, dramatic, challenging and ever so rewarding, but if I was to sit down with a newbie to the industry and give them my top 5 insights right now, this would be it.