Daily Thoughts

It’s simple enough if it’s straight from the heart

What bothers you so?

Communicating what you want doesn’t have to be so complicated. Following that dream or diverting your current course doesn’t have to be complicated either.

To know what you want only requires a look inside. Do not been swayed by the expectations of society, the lure of status or the want to be accepted if it is in conflict with your whole being.

If you feel it then you should listen, as it’s you and only you who has to live with these matters. So whether, it’s telling that person how you really feel about them, saying no to that opportunity that doesn’t feel quite right or even yes to the one that does.

It’s always simple enough if it’s straight from the heart.

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Daily Thoughts

You are going to be OK

These are the most powerful and kind words that I say to myself every morning.

My mind is like a race track sometimes, full of fast paced thoughts that try and sometimes do overwhelm me on a daily basis, so it’s important that I remind myself that come whatever may, I’m going to be OK.

Something I feel we could all learn to do more of, is to show kindness and understanding to ourselves. We are the first person to kick ourselves when we are down, yet we would not imagine doing this to another person right? so why do we treat ourselves this way.

Self-love is a term that many people despise hearing but it’s actually really important. Most of us would never dream of talking to others that we care for, the way that we talk to ourselves. This is the case for me on many occasions where I’m the first to offer support and compassion to my loved ones, but I’ll treat myself the complete opposite way.

The act of learning to be more compassionate and understanding to ourselves, reminds me of this quote from Jack Kornfield:

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”

So maybe we need just a little more love for ourselves in this world too.

To show kindness, compassion and understanding to ourselves may just allow us to show more to others. Life is crazy, shit happens and most of it is never in our control but it is in our reaction to those times of hardship that we can show a little more love for ourselves.

Because I can tell you now, come whatever may – You are going to be OK

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Daily Thoughts

Love people not things

Your shiny converse will not hug you at night!

Invest in the people around you, develop relationships, make connections and share amazing experiences with loved ones.

Don’t get me wrong, materialistic possessions are fun but they won’t bring you true happiness and sacrificing time with people to amass these are not the way.

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