Start with why

Why am I doing this? why are we choosing this course of action? Why has this happened?

For me ‘why’ is one of the most powerful words you can use. In whatever you do, whether it’s in a professional or personal scenario, we should always ask ourselves – Why am I doing this? why is this project or programme important for our business?

Understanding the ‘why’ is the biggest part of anything we embark on. The how and what are important too, yet without understanding – why are we/I doing this, we cannot fully buy-in to what we are trying to change and achieve.

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Sometimes you can’t always get what you want

But you get what you need.

True story and an amazing Rolling Stones song. We all want lots of things to happen and we do everything we can to get there, but it doesn’t always work out and sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

On some occasions instead of getting what you want, you get a reality check and smacked in the face of exactly what you needed instead – this is a powerful learning experience for anyone and will teach you more in many cases.

Use these final days of 2018 to reflect on what may have not gone quite the way you expected this year and look at what you can learn from these experiences.

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