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In this weeks newsletter, I explore how we can all look after our mental health during the busy festive period and some new tools and techniques we can learn to calm the mind.

1.Why social media vacations are great for health, productivity and not eating that cookie

How an experiment I ran on myself at the end of 2017 changed the way I used social media and produced some unexpected results.

2. Meditation is bicep curls for your mind

The mind is like any other muscle in our body, it needs to be regularly trained too. In this piece I look at why and how we can train the mind and the changes this can lead to.

3. A beginners guide to meditation

A simple, no nonsense approach to start your own meditation practice.

Daily Thoughts

The smartest move can be to shut up

Sometimes we all say too much or even too little.

Remember that argument with a loved one or a debate with a co-worker, where you wish you had just kept your mouth shut and thought about the words coming out of your mouth? We’ve all been there.

The most powerful thing you can do in these situations is to remain silent and listen, like really listen. Think about your response, the words you use, it’s within you’re reasoned choice to decide how you act and what you say – never forget that.

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Daily Thoughts

You can be whoever you want, even yourself

Full disclosure on the title for this one, it’s a lyric from Drake and stuck with me during a recent training session.

It got me thinking about the Oscar Wilde quote in which he talks about a person is rarely comfortable in opening up to you in their own form, yet provide them with a mask and they will tell you the truth.

It’s funny how we always encourage people to be themselves when they meet new people or attend a job interview, but applying this advice to our own life seems just as complex.

Identity is a huge part of who we are. We spend copious amounts of time in our youth studying the personas around us, allowing us to try new identities all the time in the hope we find something that sticks. Some of us have rooted our identity in our careers, our families and our suffering, which of course can be quite unhealthy.

Yet amongst this search for identity in the external world, we forget about what lies within. I find many of us do not make the time to explore the true self, the authentic voice that is us. Yes we look to those around us and the environments we operate in to help build our structure of identity, but we tend to ignore what lies within. Instead we use a false identity that we feel is cooler and will please the world and those around us more.

I find no matter how long you try to make another persona or identity fit you, the authentic voice will always surface. To deny who you are is to question your very existence in some cases.

A loss or not knowing what your identity is can be a very troubling feeling. It is not something you can sit down and determine in 5 minutes, it is something that will need exploration of the self internally and externally. Identity can be the guiding light for all, as it sets part of the framework for providing purpose and in creating our ambitions.

Ultimately as Drake wrote, “You can be whoever you want, even yourself”. In this time of constant connection the world over and information overload where we all flutter from one trend to the next, it’s our choice to be whoever it is we want to be. But always know, you cannot deny your authentic self and we will only ever find conflict in false identities.

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