Build anchors for a healthy mind

What are the things you practice regularly to support your mind?

Do you have non-negotiable anchors in your day that allow you to be at your best?

Consider the activities that are of the most importance to keep you mentally healthy. These could be meditating, a workout, eating healthy or reading a book – identify the activities that form a part of a daily ritual, the things that anchor your day and make sure you can be at your best.

Begin with looking at the 2 or 3 activities that provide the biggest impact to how you feel everyday and make sure you set these as your key anchors that must be fulfilled to ensure you feel mentally and physically on point.

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The waves of life

I look at life like the waves across the seas. Sometimes we are rising high and having a great time and other times we are crashing, falling and struggling.

These motions come and go as the waves will rise again after they have fallen and will of course fall again. This is a continual cycle and is much like life, we have our ups and we have our downs, yet we always know that this is part of the process.

So when you have dark days, remember to tell yourself that like the waves in the sea, you can rise once more.