AI in L&D Report 2023

As an L&D professional, I’ve been watching the AI arms race and the conversations around it with curiosity for the last year.

Some days I’m greeted with euphoric news of generative artificial intelligence saving me hours of precious time. Whilst on other days, I’m greeted with doomsday predictions that involve Arnie’s Terminator smashing down my office door and commanding me to ‘go with him if I want to live’.

It’s a strange paradox to live in.

As we navigate the journey together, I’ve been on the hunt for specific data on how L&D teams and pros (like you) feel about this new wave of technology in the workflow. But, I couldn’t find anything. Not anything meaningful anyway.

So, I spoke with over 130 L&D professionals to gather their thoughts and feelings on AI.

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Together, we’ll unpack what we learnt, uncover useful insights and tactical next steps we can take as an industry.

Let’s dive in, friend (share your thoughts with me direct)

Tactical resources, not just data

This report is minimal clean and to the point on purpose.

No one wants to or has time to read a 100 page report. Instead, I asked L&D pros 5 questions to collate these findings:

  1. How would you rate your understanding of artificial intelligence today?
  2. In your opinion, what are the main opportunities that AI, particularly generative AI tools, can bring for L&D professionals? [multiple choice]
  3. How confident are you in utilising AI tools for content generation in L&D?
  4. Are you currently exploring or implementing any AI-based tools or solutions in your L&D initiatives?
  5. How would you rate the importance of AI integration in L&D for the future success of your organisation?

Each insights page contains a useful tools and resources suggestion box.

The hope is to give you the opportunity to use these to either bridge your own skills gap or learn more about the pace of generative AI technology, or both!

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I’ve poured my soul into this experience and cannot wait to learn with you all. So, why not join me as we navigate the matrix with lots of actionable content and debatable memes.

We’ll unpack:

🤔 The nuts and bolts of generative AI – no more jargon, just the facts.

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Looking forward to learning with you all!

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