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I help organisations maximise digital technology to work smarter and build the skills to meet our evolving world

How do I do that, you say? I’m glad you asked:

Working at the intersection of skills and technology.

I analyse how technological advancements reshape our skills. I use this insight to help L&D teams stay ahead by building the skills that matter most.

I can help you:

  1. Develop skill-building programmes that employees actually care about

  2. Synthesise the best industry insights, data and practices to focus on the skills that matter most for performance

  3. Understand and leverage the latest technology for learning and performance

  4. Provide L&D teams with the tools, frameworks and insight to build a high-performing skillset

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For solo L&D pros

Been smashing your head off a wall trying to solve all those L&D challenges? Need a thought partner to bounce some ideas off?

I run 1:1 idea generation and partnering sessions ad-hoc for teams and solo professionals. I’m not a coach and this is not coaching, but an opportunity to call upon my insights.

  • Getting specific on the skills you need to succeed
  • How to amplify your value and credibility in the L&D industry
  • Partnering on those hard to crack problems keeping you awake at 4am

If you’re seeking a partner who can unravel hidden insights and help you build a high-performing L&D function, look no further!

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