L&D Resources Vault

The Performance Engineer Cheatsheet

Coaching questions for design conversations

Career Development Coaching Map

Use the Ikigai concept to help people discover their purpose and passions.

Build Your Own Skills Map

Discover where you can grow

Learn Tech Ecosystems Explained

A beginner’s guide to the ecosystem.

5 Whys: Root cause analysis tool

How to get to the root of the problem

LinkedIn’s Onboarding Toolkit

Tools, resources and inspiration in this open-sourced box.

Google’s Experiments For Learning

Take your experiences to another level!

Coaching Guide For L&D

Explore how coaching can help your work and your people.

Auto-Generate Step by Step Guides

Use this free tool to create step-by-step guides on anything in seconds. Check out a demo with me here too.

How To Edit Videos – Free and Simple

A demo using the free Microsoft video editor for your videos.

Hyper Island Toolbox

A toolkit full of ideas for team sessions to unleash creativity and potential.

5 Tips To Curate Content Like a Pro

A valuable resource from the team at Filtered on all things world-class content curation.

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