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In this episode, we'll explore 4 reader questions from a recent LinkedIn post. I cover: How to build your own high-performing L&D team. How set clear and attainable objectives. The best way to cut through the noise when searching for useful tools for your tech stack. Like what you hear? Don't forget to subscribe and check out the Steal These Thoughts website. Get a copy of the book at Amazon, my website and Gumroad. — Send in a voice message:
  1. The one where you ask me anything
  2. 3 Lessons Video Games Taught Me About The Reality Of Learning
  3. The Solo L&D Pros 4-Step Framework for Success
  4. Use these 4 tips to become a world-class storyteller
  5. Quick Thought: How to build a culture of co-creation for better learning experiences
  6. The Careerverse Explained
  7. Quick Thought: Don't act like a McDonalds drive-thru, be a consultant
  8. Building a career in your 20s: Don’t follow your passion and other things no one tells you
  9. Why You Need A USP For Your Career
  10. How to prepare for 2023 as an L&D team

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