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#10: The importance of knowing what to unlearn Steal These Thoughts!

In this episode, I explore why we should place just as much importance on what we need to unlearn as we do on what to learn I unpack a practice that I like to do twice yearly to support my own personal process of identifying what to unlearn in the hope that it might help you too. Don't forget to check out the blog at www.stealthesethoughts.com and connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn
  1. #10: The importance of knowing what to unlearn
  2. #9: How the world of people development will evolve post pandemic
  3. #8: The evolution of Slack and Microsoft Teams in workplace learning
  4. #7: The rise of live streaming, twitch and the new wave of careers w/The OnlyNoodles
  5. #6: Studying abroad during a pandemic