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3 Steps to Stay Ahead of Generative AI in Your Job Steal These Thoughts!

Generative AI is happening, whether you like it or not. So why ignore it? Get more at my website. Join the ChatGPT Crash Course for L&D and HR Pros to work smarter with AI. — Send in a voice message:
  1. 3 Steps to Stay Ahead of Generative AI in Your Job
  2. ChatGPT Explained: From WTF to Hell Yeah in 2 minutes
  3. When To Use ChatGPT in Your Work: The AI Task Template
  4. How to position your L&D product for success
  5. How To Build Your Personal Learning Strategy
  6. The one where you ask me anything
  7. 3 Lessons Video Games Taught Me About The Reality Of Learning
  8. The Solo L&D Pros 4-Step Framework for Success
  9. Use these 4 tips to become a world-class storyteller
  10. Quick Thought: How to build a culture of co-creation for better learning experiences

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